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been waiting for the rpg game more but this one is pretty good so far, some opinions and things i thought were weird:
enemies arent very aggressive, took me fighting like 10 enemies until i finally found one that attacked me first and even then they attack so sporadically they are super easy to beat
passing through enemies is weird... no contact damage? feels weird

leaving left click pressed and walking makes beat walk with his fist in the air

there's no wind-down on the dodge/dash feature so even without the running shoes its possible to just right click super fast to travel faster

the jacket-wearing toad-looking guys have no recovery frames so all you gotta do is mash the left click and they wont even be able attack

i quite like it so far, the controls are very intuitive and although at first i was like eh  i soon found an alley where like 6 enemies spawned in a row as i crossed through it that shit was cool