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I have a few tips for a ya:

1. Try reducing the number of 3D objects (including desks). Increases the old school vibe.

2. Ever thought of distorting Baldi's voice? This would really give the effect of an old, crappy audio codec.

3. Distort other sound effects too... or maybe use a synth instead.

4. Try using an old school voice synth like Chipspeech or Alter Ego.

5. Please set the smoothness of the materials to 0 or, even better, use an emmisive material


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely look into some of these! I was planning on doing lower quality audio for some characters and sounds, but I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted them to sound and just sort of forgot about it. There is some distortion for a couple of voices already though. Playtime, obviously, and Principal of the Thing actually has a high-pitch squeal in the background of his recordings, similar to what you could hear in some old games. It's pretty hard to notice though. I definitely intended to add more sound effects too, which I'll probably include in future updates. I've already considered MIDI/Synth sounds! I'll look into those voice synths too, thanks for the info! If I ever add more characters something like that could work great for one of them.

And thank you so much for noticing the smoothness! I had no idea about that, but just checked how it affects the textures and it looks a lot better now!


I have one suggestion, my dood.


That's all I really need. I'm deaf so this was kinda hard for me to figure out what i was supposed to do in the start. ( i watched a streamer playing it, and that's how i figured it out )

not a bad game, but pleeease! subtitles :33 

thanks duder


I almost missed this comment, I wasn't notified about if for some reason. Sorry for the late reply!

Subtitles are definitely something I've been thinking about, since the game relies on audio quite a bit. I'm not quite sure how to implement them (Since the direction sounds are coming from is just as important as hearing the sounds themselves, so I've been thinking of ways to show where sounds come from as well as what sounds are playing), but I'll definitely look into it if I update the game again. I can't make any guarantees I'll get subtitles in, of course, but it's definitely something I'd love to be able to do if I can figure it out! Would be a good learning experience for me, too!


turn on subtitles on YouTube.  That should help understand the game more. 


latia, thanks - But that doesnt help me while im playing it :)