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(I wasn't referring to you when I mentioned someone was blowing it out of proportion.)Though I disagree that it can be called self-centered, you didn't do anything wrong, it's just a bit unnecessary to "look bad" in a minorities' eyes when it's very likely you're a good person with good intentions. Besides the fact that I did leave my perspective on the situation, The only thing that really seems like an actual issue is the fact that a quick glance over this can make someone think "the dev(s) is argumentative." People take things a lot more harshly when dealing with someone who can be called a professional so arguing can look bad for creators is all. 

Anyways people tend to self-advertise on I'm used too it and I've seen some people do it in a really immature way (such as linking their social media and pretty much leaving a huge advertisement that fills the comment section which is why I think this is kind of harmless.) so chances are this may happen again. If it starts to bother you after a while I'd suggest leaving a note somewhere about it to prevent it from happening again.