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As others have said - really cool art style! I love how weird and wonderful it is, there are some really creepy enemies. Sadly, with my sleek but impractical Apple mouse, I wasn't able to do any of the attacks since I couldn't right click and left click at the same time, so I was limited in what I could play. There were a couple issues of bumping into invisible walls and getting stuck too. But overall, this was a really well thought-out experience, congrats!

- Matthew, MoonSprite

Haidock Thank you  sorry to hear you couldn't experience the game correctly/or as intended. If you have a controller I would recommend that option next time. Thanks again about the visuals. As for the invisible walls and getting stuck do you roughly know where this happened or at least what level (we only had two levels). 


No problem, it's just Apple being dumb as usual. I'll see if I can track down a controller to try!

It was around the fire wall that you had to walk through - I think I accidentally jumped into a zone to its right that I wasn't supposed to get to.  😁