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It's so good I can't stop myself from trying to finish the whole game in one go. I love the characters and the writing. I'm a sucker for tragic stories and the cliffhanger in ep 5 just punched me in the gut. I can't wait to see what the team has in store next for the story. And ngl I figured out where the story was going when we were give the music box (it gave off a very Anastasia vibe) but it was still very enjoyable nonetheless.

I was delighted to see the MC being given the chance to learn some self-defense and broaden their horizons, it makes me look forward for their character development. Would a "fresh start" ending where the MC declines the throne be an option? Because I feel like narrative-wise MC's going to end up ascending the throne. It would be a great story direction to go on and an interesting choice to have. Then again I don't see how it would be possible with the limited choices of successors there is. Unless we go the Alisa route and just abolish the monarchy? LOL vive la resistance

I'm wondering if the flirting options will still have (flirt) attached to it in the final game? Not complaining or anything, just curious. I feel like it takes away some of my immersion while playing -- unless it's intentional? I don't mind it either way. Also I noticed some typos in the early sections of the game, I forgot where it was and didn't think to screenshot it though.

Definitely looking forward for more of this game!!!