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Understood, and I don't want to blame you as I really like your work. But I think this should be displayed at the top of this page. As it is that makes it sadly kinda useless. It's explained in the cloak and hood page but not here.

All this stuff takes time. I am only one person. I don't blame you for going another route if combat outfits are the last thing you need before you can ship your game. But if you've got the rest of the Base working, you can just use a placeholder file while you work on the rest of your content. 

This is what Im doing indeed, I also joined as patreon to further support future work. NO worries I understand you are alone. I was just pointing this is not clear from this page  that this is not usable with cloak and hood, nothing more :)

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It says in each outfit product description that they're not compatible with the combat add-ons. I made them long before combat add-ons existed. This is an ongoing project that I will likely expand upon for years. If I waited to release a combat add-on until all the outfits had been updated, each one would take months. Instead,  you have the Base sprites here and now. You can put them into your engine now, you can build your combat mechanics and playtest it. I am pretty certain I'll have the outfits updated before your game launches. If you want to use these assets, I encourage you to plugin a placeholder file for the combat outfits. I'll have them eventually and you'll already have everything in place.