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Okay, so first of all, I was actually confused whether you were being serious or sarcastic about the whole 'not an Outlast parody' thing, so I just went along with it as sarcasm? ANYWHO, the game was pretty simple. I like the use of the Terror Engine! I haven't seen that used in a while! The jump scare DEFINITELY got me, though the atmosphere wasn't really THAT scary. The enemy was pretty predictable and easy to handle once you got used to him and figured out his hit box. I did love the voice acting. It's always hilarious to hear the robot voice in a game xD. I think you did a good job of luring the player into a false sense of ease and comfort with the atmosphere of it being sort of a joke at first. With the 'definitely NOT a parody' and the robot voice thing. THEN the jumpscare hits 'em and POW! Terrified. Thanks for making this and suggesting it! :D

PS: I just saw on the Itchio description that it is, in fact, an Outlast parody. I don't feel bad now xD

I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)