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demo is a great upgrade from the PWtmP sidekick! ^^ having a plot is nice too XD.

adorable MC inc his whole tribe (with those who passed), and cool choice of knights' personalities/appearance. i won't even mention i fell for the bad guy, nuuuh.. <3
the overall graphics with their medieval touch are awesome. loved the work/study screen! - even i worked myself to exhaustion pretty often - the idea of adding the $ balance after someone gave feedback was a must, it would have been bothersome to choose without it. sound is really pleasant and in context. the whole idea of the competition is interesting, also MC sneaking in for the (lovely) gifts. if the dream is any indication of what's to come (*bray* *snigger*), the CG are very promising. so, demo left me wondering what's in  store for Leith!

looking forward to the game when it's released. btw, any chance of a steam release with itch patch? otherwise i'll get it here.
side note: thx for creating MM, double thx for +18 MM. it's sorely needed! ^^

EDIT: not important, but in the demo when Leith picks a favor and "attaches it" the CG still shows the white one.. it's a bit weird. either changing the color accordingly in the CG or not mentioning his sister exchanging the white band for the favor might maybe flow better?