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Odd, but quite interesting. I like the very simplistic presentation, and the simple use of gradients to not make it completely flat, also like the unusual window-size, its unexpected and adds the "minimal" presentation. The controls work, and while I don't know if the almost "grabbing/dragging" movement the objects have was intentional it works well and gives the objects more "life" then if you would have just made them have a gliding movement. I would have liked to be able to control BOTH objects at one time tho.

It is however, missing a critical part: Some kind of score or progress indicator. I get that both the figures need to stand in the light at the same time (note: Found a bug however that made me sometimes have to go in-then-back to get a new light to trigger), but with no progress indicator this action feels very pointless, I have no real goal to work towards. I tried reading in more with the text, but it seemed to be mostly repeating text-bites. The text could have been a larger part of that progression as well, giving a almost story like progression to a otherwise very simplistic game.

A nice small game, not bad! Cheers