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Update 4 is out!

I added quite a lot this time around so I'll just make a list of new stuff and changes like wot game developers usually do.


  • Hotkey shortcuts for menus and playback.
  • Menu items now indicate when they are selected.
  • The player can now shoot their very own fluid particles from their face! Similar to the particle gun in Play Ground only less huge.
  • An option to hide all UI elements with a hotkey.
  • Pause, speed up, and slow down animations.


  • More like new old content; I added in all the outfits from Poke Abby HD.
  • Scrolling outfit menu for selecting outfits and clothes articles.
  • Player Menu to select playback speed, pause and play, and flip between animations.
  • An icon to show when the sun is being controlled.
  • I updated the UI to be more round and changed the font to match everything.

Bug Fixes:

  • Scrolling menus now scale properly with different screen sizes so the buttons won't get cut off.
  • Cursor hot-spot is changed to match the sprite better. Clicking should be more accurate and understandable.
  • The sun can now be controlled at any time! Before, using menus would lock it's control from the player.

Known Issues:

  • Fluid particle gun will get stuck on sometimes. Just need to press again to correct it.
  • Pause and play hotkey (P) will only work once while the player menu is closed. Menu needs to be open for the hotkey to work again.
  • Player menu buttons are slow because of the punch animation.
  • The character model still has bad deformations in some of the earlier animations.
  • Clothes don't react to fluid particles. Not a big deal but some larger articles like the witch hat should have collision.

Don’t forget! If you already purchased the last version, you can re-download this one for free!

I hope you enjoy :)

Awesome update! Can't wait for animation fixes.)