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Hey ya'll! It's me, DCS-- the artist for AWOO!

I wanted to chime in on this and say how much I agree with the decision and was a part of the decision as well-- this is something Ivan and I took a lot of time thinking about before deciding to do.

I couldn't agree more with the decision to let AWOO have a looser deadline-- as it's very clear simply how much work the game needs from both Ivan and I to become the game we want it to be. 

To talk more about it on my end and to be very frank: the regular CG's for a route take about a month and a half with my current workload; while the R-18 CG's take about 2+ months to complete. (Right now, I've finished all of the regular art for Davis' route-- but am still working thru the MASSIVE amount of R18 stuff.)

Which, please understand, IS A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE. Ivan has gone above and beyond to write some really fun sex scenes for the boys and I'm very excited to get to draw them. They just take a lot of time.

Not only that; but Ivan and I both have other jobs we have to do to sustain ourselves and each other while AWOO is in development. Ivan is not only paying me, but the musician as well! If you've ever tried to fund a game by yourself-- you know it's a LOT for one person to handle! It's just how these things go sometimes, ya know? And we appreciate ya'll helping us thru it.

Plus; the more time we spend with AWOO the more we are able to develop the characters and world, and honestly-- the more the both of us like it as we give it this extra time. AWOO is an awesome wolfy wine that is fermenting, mm-hm!

I work on AWOO once every week doing as much as I can, and I'm hoping once some personal problems of mine clear up I can work on it more than that each week too! But regardless; AWOO basically always gets worked on once a week. Slow and steady work gets done, rest assured!


  • Cons: You gotta wait for the full release!
  • Pros: The art will be more realized, the writing will be more realized, we'll have more time to test, edit, add on if we need to, you'll still be seeing previews of CGs and art from both Ivan and I thru our public accounts and Patreons-- and I've heard that some test builds might even be available from time to time~ ;)

So yeah-- waiting sucks, nobody likes it-- but we've already waited this long; I think we can wait a little longer!

In the meantime; I would suggest follow Ivan on Twitter, me on Tumblr (R18 warning) or Twitter, or pledging to either of our Patreons for behind-the-scenes content. (Ivan's particularly, mine secondarily.)

Thanks for reading and sticking in there with us everyone!