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ive done that and still does it no weather tags on the maps eaither also having a problem with the clear day as in i want a weather system like clear for like an hour then rain but its confusing 

also for the map travel plugin how do i get it off the title screen so it doesent show when you load up 

 I thought I had put a plugin parameter to disable that, but it seems not. I will take a look at that!

Sorry for the late responce but it looks like ui area screan area to me thanks but it put is on title still

So, everything is working now?

not sure ill redownload and try


I tested it again, with MV and MZ. You just have to set the Plugin Parameter Clear Weather to true.

After that, every time you enter a map that doesn't have the note tag, it will remove any weather effects.

That is the only thing my plugin does. If you want to make a different weather system, I advise you to post your doubt on the forums.