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I liked your game a lot, I'm looking forward to the full version.

-Will the Cassius route be the same, or will you add more things?

-Were there other endings in the demo, or will there be in the full version?

By the way, you've made the Duenkhy very realistic, especially the object heads like Cassius, that made me have questions.

-Do object heads or Cassius see kisses with indifference or curiosity, since he has other ways of expressing his feelings or passion?

-How is Cassius's bed, especially in the part of the pillow?

-Can a human and Duenkhy have children?
(If they can´t, they can always adopt XD)


Hello, I'm so terribly sorry for the late reply! Thank you very much for enjoying the demo!

-Most likely, Cassius' route will remain mostly the same. I may make fixes, better the writing in some places, etc, but the overall story won't change from the way it was in this demo.

-There are a couple of endings to his route! They're in the demo, too.  The general routes are good ending and bad ending, but there are some small varieties on how you can arrive to both.

-Object heads all have different opinions on kissing! Some are indifferent, some are curious. Maybe some try to kiss by touching faces, just because it's a nice gesture. And of course, there's lots of object heads who are involved with non-object heads (romantically, platonically), and I'm sure they all come up with their own ways of showing affection to each other. Cassius in particular is probably happy to receive kisses, but holding hands is still his favorite.

-I imagine Cassius' pillow is a thin, tube-like shape meant to prop up his neck and shoulders so that the back part of his keyboard doesn't force him to sleep at an uncomfortable angle. I think he sleeps sitting upright sometimes, too.

-I was intentionally silly and vague about how object heads (and duenkhy in general, by extension) procreate since it's a very tricky thing to really explain in any realistic capacity. I feel that many of the mixed couples probably adopt, and adoption is more common in the duenkhy society. :)

Thank you so much for the questions!