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Are you talking about the links you add on the external links section? Those links currently don't show up on the game pages. They do show up on download pages and purchase receipts though. In the future we'll make it possible to automatically include them into the game pages.

In the meantime, if you want the link on your game page you can manually add it to the description.


I'm having the same issue. In the field "Steam" link under "App store links" inside of "Edit Game"

The issue becomes clear when you see this side-by-side:

Since it's listed with all the other options, we assume it's also suppose to show up with an icon on the page.

Hey did this end up getting resolved?

Is that Steam link meant to show up as a badge, or just as a link when people purchase?



Sorry, this must have fell under the radar. We still don't have a Steam badge. Steam links will show up under the "More Information" section and on the top of the download page.

Hey thanks for the response!

Am just setting up a store page and wanted to make sure I got it right :)