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Well, this game is definitely difficult lol. I played it last night, before the recent update. It can be a tad creepy, but not quite 'the scariest game I've ever played' - I rely mostly on ambiance to really be frightened by a game. ANYWHO, this game was a HUGE burst of nostalgia for me (and probably everyone else playing it) and it's probably my favorite entry so far for the Meta Game Jam. I've absolutely fallen in love with 'slasher' games in the past few weeks and this really puts a nice spin on the genre. I believe it is possible to beat, but requires super luck and perfection. I heard a lot about the game from PhuCat and was super surprised to see that it was made on Unity! You did an amazing job of making it look from the '95 / '98 era. I absolutely loved this. Thanks for making it and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!