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played the regular version, but figured it was too well made that the time had to be recognised so bought the HD version. Only feedback would be echoing others in more content, but as you've addressed this game isn't being worked on more. Are you going to be adding this as a mini game to Fuu Garden?   Is Fuu Garden going to be NSFW as well or is it going to be aimed at a wider audience?

If Fuu Garden isn't going to be of the similar game, then I hope you're going to add a Poke Abby 2 to you future projects, cos a larger version of this would be great.

And a question as I may be being silly and missed an option. Is the voice more than just the moans?  reading some of the other comments and answers, are the subtitles voiced?   tried turning the voice in the options on and off but there just the usual moans etc.

The plan for Fuu Garden was to create an adventure style game. It would have very little to do with Poke Abby as far as mechanics but the setting would be the same. However, I'm going on hiatus so progress on that game has stopped

And about your voice question, you are hearing it correctly. The actress was asked to do only interjections to keep things simple but effective. It's a bit nostalgic to have characters talk this way because it's how many older games did dialogue and I thought it would be fun to do here too :)