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Thanks! The hardest part about making this game has definitely been balancing the difficulty. While I do want the game to be pretty challenging, the thing that I'm having the most trouble with is figuring out how to teach players how things work without just straight up telling them. Like, I had to put the "I get angrier for every problem you get wrong" and "I hear every door you open" messages since people didn't seem to notice that getting problems wrong made Baldi faster or that opening doors attracted Baldi's attention.

You can't really hide from Baldi, but that's by design. Instead you need to try to mislead him by opening doors to places you aren't going, or getting far enough away so that once he reaches the last place he saw you, he still can't see you. If you can get Baldi in a situation like this, where he reaches his current destination, but can't see or hear you once he gets there, he is forced to wander randomly, giving you a chance to rest or try to get away as far as possible. Just keep in mind that if he sees you, that takes priority over any sounds he hears.

Also, yes, you're forced to get the last question of each notebook wrong in order to make Baldi faster each notebook. It would be no fun if you could just get all the answers right and Baldi wouldn't get any faster! :P

I know I didn't finish so didn't see everything, but since it's something you're working on I have a few suggestions for balance!

-Perhaps a reward for getting the questions right? Too much of the game feels like a punishment, so it's a bit of a bummer answering the questions correctly doesn't provide any benefit (I don't really count NOT increasing the difficulty as a benefit).

-One of the biggest things that threw me off is how quickly it turned from tutorial to enemy-is-chasing-you-better-run-horror-game. The sudden flip is nice, but it was confusing he was teaching me how to play one second and running at me the next just for opening doors. The first time I played, I literaly ran right into him and killed myself because I thought he was my friend :-\

-I think the way he 'works' would be more intuitive if his motive was more understood. It could probably even be simple like "I'M A STRICT TEACHER MAN KEEP QUIET AND GET GOOD GRADES OR I'LL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU".

That's about all that came to mind. Thanks again for making the game and sorry I suck haha. Cheers. 


Thanks for the suggestions, but honestly none of that really fits what I'm going for. Really, Baldi's only motive is that cheap 3D edutainment from the 90's is creepy. :P

That's not true. The game clearly has many other motives and "cheap animation is creepy" doesn't help the confusion as you said you're trying to address. Just offering my two cents! Cheers.