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Really creepy game. The low quality teacher with the pngs of other characters was really unsettling. A couple of problems i had were the mouse not responding well and the difficulty. The jump rope girl is almost a guaranteed loss. she holds you for like 10-15 seconds. If you have more then the 2 starting books he will catch you everytime you jump rope. 

still a really neat game though

Thanks for checking it out! I've noticed now in a couple of videos, that some things are moving a lot faster than on my PC (The item bobbing and and You Can Think Pad exit time are most noticeable), and I wonder if the mouse issues are related as well, since I haven't had any issues with the mouse on my PC... I'll also have to make it clearer that getting problems wrong makes Baldi faster, since while you're forced to get a problem wrong on each notebook, getting too many possible problems wrong as well will end up making Baldi move way too fast. And yeah, I already plan on nerfing the jump rope girl (I actually originally had it set to 10 jumps, which I quickly realized was way too much!).