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Cannot re-create the issue

(2 edits)
  1. Open Asset Forge 1.3
  2. Choose 'cube' from the 'primitives' group
  3. Place a 3x3 grid of them
  4. Colour the cubes (this shows the issue clearer than plain white)
  5. Click '2D Sprite' in the top right
  6. Choose 'Isometric' from the camera preset
  7. Choose "Large' as the sprite size
  8. Export

I have literally just done this now and got the exact same results as I posted in my OP.

This is the result in the preview window:

This is the result zoomed in a little to show the lines:

Do you have outlines enabled?

No outlines are disabled, but they show in the editor as well as the preview and final render so that isn't the issue.

It makes it unusable for 2D export work.