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The first thing you notice in this game are the beautiful graphics. I love how the floor reflects the effects. The music is nice as well. I don't like how the walls appear right in front of you, I think they should be waiting in the hallway ahead. I also think there shouldn't be a cooldown for the spells, because when there's more than one socket with the same colour, it's very hard to tell how many of them you've filled.

All in all, the game was pretty good, although quite repepetitive. Keep it up!

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To be honest, i did think about spell cooldown by myself and I didn't like it, but didn't have much more time to the over of jam. About walls, I didn't think about solution which You came up with (I don't know why :)), and I think it works well.
In the newest version which is online now I fixed both things You described in Your comment.

I'm glad that You liked this game, and thank You very much for constructive feedback!