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Are there any plans to put the full game on itch? I want to buy it but I am not as familair with humble bundle. Probably should use it, I've heard it has cheap prices.  My list of accounts is always growing it seems.  Good game,  btw. 

Is the save compatable with the full game? Can I continue on from the demo? (manually imported perhaps)

No plans at the moment for that but it could change in the future.

The demo of the full version can have the saves carried over, just copy over the save file and the config to the folder of the full game. The saves from V4 (dev version) however will not.

ok then I will finish the demo first. 

Ok ended up buying it. The save is indeed transferrable. Besides, I wanted those better skills that cost more than 100 xp. Great game btw. Love the main character. Stances are a good touch.