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i didnt expect to cry so damn hard when damon apologized. i was handling it so well, but he just had to fix that damn music box, and all that jealousy from alisa finally bursted and i just couldnt stop the tears. 10/10 would play just to cry again. also fuck, i was hatin so hard on vexx but i after talkin with him, i slowly started to get a soft spot for him. sigh. guess its time for my second playthrough and probably wont be the last

edit: i just did a wheel of ro path roulette and the wheel really want me go through damon's path again. sigh. guess the wheel wants to see me cry again.

Same, honestly God, pls i love him so much i was so sad too when Damon don't hesitate to sell me off but then he freakin made me cryyy

Sorry for the nowhere comment there, i really agree with yours 😩