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Repairing clothes seems to have changed a lot since version 4, as its now a consumable resource that has to be refreshed at save points.  Is there any way beyond Heal Kits to mitigate this?  It's kind of irritating, but in a very minor way.

Regardless, thank you mminit for the great game, and the -years- it took to finish it.

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Heal is the only way to get your clothing back. It's a resource now but compared to V4 you can use it as many times as you are able in battle. You can replenish one by using the Water item. With a capacity of 6 (or 7 if you just came from a fountain and have Water), you should have enough if you're managing them and using them in the right situations until you reach the next save (but there's also RNG as well).

Ah so you've further balanced it as a game mechanic, understood.  Had no idea about the water item replenishing a charge, as well.  Thank you much  for the reply, and explaining the mechanics such that I wouldn't wonder if I was missing something.