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Ah, not too bad. :3 It's a good first start for a platforming game. Avoiding the walking enemies is a bit cumbersome, although admittedly I skipped the instructions so I didn't know I could jump on them at first. X3

Dudes having sex with each other isn't super my thing, but the flying enemy is cute, 10/10 would date. And the sprites and animations are pretty well-done. Drax must be a pretty dexterous lover to fuck someone in midair, too. X3

You might wanna drop flash, though, it's going the way of the dodo and it's gonna make it increasingly difficult for folks to play your games.


yep, the whole jumping thing turned out pretty annoying and I should have realized that ^^'

and woah, that winged kobold is receiving way more love than I thought he would! I'm considering putting him on more games since people liked him so much :3 (But I believe most of his charisma comes from an suggestion from the discord of Strange Flesh to give him that pose that he does when grabbing the player with his hook).

And.... yeah, I know that flash is going to be extinct but I wanted to post the game on furaffinity after finished, so I used it anyway XD 

gosh, I'm going to miss flash : (

oh, and thank you for your comment ♥♥♥