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Cute! The persistent trails are a nice touch. Physics-wise the game is a bit of a letdown though, it feels like there's an absolute limit to your speed that's set way too low. Especially the huge downhill part at the end is just a disappointment, when it looks like something you should gain lots of speed from and then you just slowly slide down. If there were some tricks to pull off, it might still be interesting, but right now most of the game is spent waiting for you to slide to the next obstacle. Still looking forward to where you'll take this game though.

Also, there was some odd looking flickering of the ground as well as the player character's eyes, and they seem to get stronger the further away you are from the start (the issue with the eyes only appears around the first checkpoint or so). Linux version btw, if that's relevant.

Wow, that looks disgusting. Thanks for telling me about this, I'll check into the issue of flickering.