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A poem for the winner of Indigestible Jam!

Creation of a mind

Goes through enigmatic lines

The game you play that breaks

Arrow rummages

You can see the break from upset to confession

The shift that turns from good fun to depression


Yet the indigestibility wanes to foster

You romance the browser, acquieses become incarnate

You did this

You made this

You built a house in a week

That takes up not one but two spaces

You were voted most niche

It begins, as you face it-

Games made

Now known

Not metricked and fearful

Embracing the weird

Continue, developer!

You have much

Gain more

You earned it, now make it

Soak in the win

Onlookers, copying is for the big fish

Set your path and make it

There are people to play it

Deleted 1 year ago