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Overall, looking forward to seeing more of this. I like the style a lot.

Unfortunately, the controls didn't feel great. I was getting a lot of dropped inputs. While on the ground, space wouldn't jump sometimes, even after standing still for a solid second. Some attacks wouldn't happen in the air either. The cooldown/recovery on attacks felt kind of unresponsive, too. I'd suggest adding a buffer or IASA frames to attacks.

Also, the game seemed to softlock after I used the meteor slam into the lava/water. I couldn't move and I wasn't taking damage. 

I also had to unplug my controller to make talking to a slime work, which I think is a common GM problem.

Hope it's not too hard to sort some of this out, good luck!

thanks for the review dude. i've unfortunately been aware of some of the input issues for a while, but the meteor slam one is new.

good call on the buffered input though, I should really implement that after midterms.