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I've downloaded the recent version of Ara Fell and tried to start it. It gives me the error message

"The required file 'ultimate_rt_eb.dll" could not be found! You might need to reinstall this game"

The earlier version worked without such errors.

I've downloaded the game several times now, but it's still the same.

Can you please help me?

EDIT: the file is definitiely missing in the main download. The demo version has it.

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I'm getting the same problem. Can we manually replace the file somehow? Download the demo to get it?

EDIT: Tried copying the file (and the "old" version) from the demo into the full game directory. This seems to have fixed the problem.

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Hi Waltorious,

Yes, I did the same, but I'm unsure if it's the proper file or if there are limitations because if's from the demo-version. Could anybody from the team give a clear answer here, please? I hope you'll fix this in the download.


I doubt there are any differences in the file between the demo version and the full game. .dll files don't usually have different versions. But it would be good to hear from someone on the dev team; at the very least, the missing file should be fixed in the download for the full game.