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I like your game a lot! But I'm really bad at it. I'm a little conflicted about the difficulty. On one hand I understand that the more I play the game the better I'll become at it. On the other, I kind of wish the different kinds of blocks were introduced over time thoughout each stage. It's a little overwhelming to get used to being able to react and act properly to each and every block. This is just my opinion and I think everyone's gonna feel a little differently about the difficulty of this game. Some players might enjoy that it throws you right into it, while others might find it fustrating. I think for me, I did find it a bit offputting at first but as I got a little better at playing, I kinda apperciate it more now. The user below me NNNIKKI shared a great video and a good point that maybe that dynamic difficulty should be kept hidden away from the player. I realize this game isn't a high budget Capcom game or anything, so I think it's fine if you want to keep that it is dynamic in the description, if anything, it shows your skills and knowledge as a developer. Anyway, I recorded my gameplay with commentary, I hope you enjoy! You made an awesome game. Keep up the excellent work!


Thanks for the feedback! 

I was a bit mean with the difficulty I must admit. I'll note it down for a possible remixed version down the line!