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Good sir, this indeed is a honorful and fair game, a quest for redemption and self-achievement, paved with perils, holes and your bones. Never my ears have heard such a glorious and angery tale, so I told my own story using a particular kind of book that lets you visualize images and sounds:

if you're interested, I wish you the best and biggest fortune in completing thy quest, It'd be my immense pleasure to continue the journey right to the tournament! Cheeryo!

We thank thee, dear sir, for giving the demo a try! It was a pleasure to see yer achievement in the end! :D 

We shall keep developing the game for better experience. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks here on! 

P.S. nice choice of soundtrack! :D 

Thank dearly gentlemen, I used the songs by a royalty free bard called Teknoaxe if you're interested :D