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i have lots to say about this game.....but its late...but im really interested and i hope its going to be playable at some point.really want play this with friends.....if i have any haha but if it turns out playable i  promise to recommend to many people....ugh so much to say.....also would you like to have a discord channel to talk about issues and updates and bug fixes? just a idea so you have your peeps in one spot sorta to pop in and chat with small groups or talk issues in the game or whatever that is concerning it because id be interested in a small group honestly and would be nice.ill be constantly checking in on here when i possibly can.Much love and hope and good luck on you working on this wonderful project!I wish i had the money to support.....i really really do....but sadly i do not but many many hugs through the internet!goodnight!

Thank you for your kind words! A discord channel is on the roadmap, but for now you can create issues on the GitHub page (link in the description). I look forward to seeing you in-game when that time comes!