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I gotta admit I was thrown off the whole time what movie this was supposed to be for (I downloaded these games in bulk haha) but I really enjoyed what it was! I had a little trouble with the platforming but that could just be me being awful. It was surprisingly long and consistently entertaining for a game jam game, and I really liked how the magic worked and wished there was a bit more to do with it. Overall one of my favorite games from the gamejam, so thanks a lot for it and please keep developing stuff. Cheerrrrssss 🍻


Hey there thanks for playing! (and hopefully leaving a rating) The movie(s) were supposed to be a transition from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Pirate of the Caribbean as the Narrator tries to get the Player to a proper film.  Figuring out that you can't when a player is the protagonist since the only difference between movies and games is choice. (Or at least that is what we were going for)