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Oh, a binary sudoku with built-in art appreciation part! And with a nice music too.

Despite me being a a programmer I preferred to hang out in the left side of the game. Don't know why - maybe because I'm also a wannabe artist.

Also I got the 'Pacman' moment then I forgot to clear the command line and my avatar zipped to left side and reappeared on the right)

Some humble suggestions: show the eyes on the screen all the time (perhaps in a small 'back mirror' box), arrow keys to actually flip sides of the game (press left for art, press right - code) with some page flipping animation; and optimize the command compile time so I can actually finish the game within a suitable timeframe))

P.S. Haven't seen the movie before so I'm adding it to a watchhlist, as it resonated with me in some way, so thanks for heads up!

The movie is awesome, hope you enjoy it! I plan to fix that pacman bug, and thanks for the rest of the feedback! I also like hanging out on the artist side :D