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Again, a settlement-building game is not an original idea. Copy and paste from my reddit reply: 

"The idea of a settlement-building game is far from an original concept. I remember playing a mod in Fallout 3 that let you build settlements, which Bethesda took and put into Fallout 4. Pixel Village was what sparked me to make this game, but it was far from the only thing I took inspiration from. I'd have to credit Terraria for its building system, that original Fallout 3 mod that first implanted the idea of settlement building in my mind, and games like Cookie Clicker for the clicking aspect of the game as well. It's ludicrous to credit everything I've ever drawn inspiration from, because those very games probably drew inspiration from else where as well.

So no, I didn't take their idea. I draw inspiration from the games I play like many other developers do. I'm happy to share my inspirations when asked, but I don't see the need to explicitly state them."