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My avast said that game's exe is infected by win32malware wich is virus. Maybe its a mistake since i dont see here comments about it, but i just telling what i saw.

From my quick research that appears to be a false positive, I promise I'm not trying to sneak malware onto your PC, just a xenobiology game :)

I'm definetly not trying to harm your project, i'm actually already a big fan of yours, and i'm assuming, that this game will be 100% pure beauty, last time i felt this way, is back when i was a kid, and strarted to read sci-fi books from my mothers bookshelf. Just told what i saw, i'm assuming it's some wierd interaction with antivirus, so it thinks its a malware.

Here is screenshot.

Will look into it, and thanks for the kind words, I know that feeling of reading classic sci-fi for the first time, and its something i'd love to evoke.

Its not, my business, but i think that you can make a good adventure - rpg - your uniq genre- game, so much potential.