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Hello! Thank you very much :) This isn't actually my music -- it's a song from this person from a couple years back that I really like. I'm not very good at making music of my own -- that said, I've made a couple other games in this genre!

Twirl, a kinetic music game about loss

DANCE UNTIL WE DIE, a music game about the greatest rave of all time

(and I didn't create this one but it inspired me to start making music games in the first place so I feel it's fair to link it) Comforting Sounds, a music game about depression that shakes me every time I play it


Howdy Heather Robertson! 

Well keep up with doing great work! I followed him now, he makes very nice music indeed!

Thank you for the extra links to your other games and that recommended one. 

A Story can be told through many ways, but music plays the best part in it.

Thank you <3 Your standing in the world is righteous!