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Hey, I played several rounds, making it to Depth 11 and unlocking some upgrades. First of all, I love the clean, muted aesthetic. It's very screenshotable, if that's a word. With more varied environments (talking both layout and visuals) this could be a looker.

Gameplay-wise it's a solid start, if very simple. Roguelikes are pretty much about risk vs reward and survival. There is a note in the game that says it gets better later on with upgrades, and that's true. It feels almost unfair at the beginning where evading enemies is almost impossible if you're in their range. What I'd like to see is to be able to check the movement range of enemies by hovering mouse over them. And maybe introduction of action points, so that both you and enemies would have to manage spending action points on every action? That's just a quick thought, and maybe you have some very different stuff in mind.

Also, would love to see boss fights and maybe some storyline bits and pieces here and there to reflect progression not just by upgrades. The good thing is you can take this prototype into many directions, which is very exciting part of game development. I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with.

Wow, this is such good feedback. Thank you!

I love your idea about checking movement range with a mouse over, and I'll definitely take the AP suggestion into consideration. As for progression, my plan for the full game is entirely narrative driven, including a number of different environments and set pieces. I hadn't yet considered the idea of boss fights, but I think that's definitely worth looking into. In any case, there will be events and narrative beats that the gameplay centers around. 

Thanks again for writing such a constructive comment.