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Hi, thanks for checking out the game!

The dialogue itself is prototypal as well. I just chose text that made me chuckle while being clear enough to display the choice the user made for stopping the hero. There's still a lot I didn't get to becuase I started later in the jam than I had planned (for example, a more thorough bug testing).

Glad you like that dinky bird. It's called Dodocan. Made it in a previous game jam and my coworkers think it's hilarious, so I saved time on spriting an entirely new minion by just making an animated version of dodocan. :P


First of all... Dodocan is awesome! I totally understand. We did a jam too and ran out of time. It always feels like there's more time... and then it's gone. I enjoyed the dialogue but I think it could be pushed even further. At first I didn't realise that I had to press a button to get dodocan to return and I was imagining him (her? who knows) slacking off somewhere which made me laugh as well. 

Thanks for responding and you can add another dodocan fan to the list :)