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1. Cool logo

2. In the opening animation it doesn't really feel like the camera is scrolling down, feels more like the world is moving up. Maybe make use of parallax?

3. I kind of wanted the option to walk into the water and die

4. I like that the intro continues with the player interaction, a nice touch.

5. Nice I like the waiting feature, pretty unique, but somehow I feel like the time passing effect could be done better.

6. I like the way you teach the player as they play, it's a good way to avoid a tutorial.

7. "Sometimes the tree was in a wrong place", this is pretty bad English, maybe intentional but I think you could add a really cool feeling to this game by getting someone to go over the text and giving it more of a poetic style.

8. The slow walking got annoying when I got to a puzzle that gave me a lot of room to move around in.

Overall I really like this game.