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Thank you so much for your feedback. 

I love hearing from people playing the game.

Regarding your wishes....

Coming into the game the very broad possibilities as to the theme, genres, and so on seem like they should be a strength, but the lack of clear expectations makes the game feel uncomfortable at the start in a way that does not really support its overall themes and structure.

I was hoping that the "Setup - Session Zero" would an opportunity for the players to agree about these sort of things. However, it tends indeed to take place later in a more chaotic fashion at "Step 1 - The Dungeon". 

I will probably develop alternative Adventurers card decks and the "dungeon" generator table to support different settings (space opera, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk...). Have those to pick from might help the players frame more clearly their expectations.

One thing I regret about playing online is that when we played Paris Gondo in person, we would often play several sessions in the same evening. I find the format of the game allows that, and I noticed that the second and third session tend to be more creative as players are on top of what their object stats mean. Players would often "reskin" their Startin Inventory Cards on the second and third session. I'll Zombie Magpie's work. Thanks for the advice.

It is a little unclear why you are effectively rolling to escape twice...

One roll is to get out of the Dungeon together and the other is the road between the Dungeon and the Adventurer's home.

While I appreciate being introduced to new software, Miro feels unnecessarily complicated to me.

I never used Google Slides. Before I was introduced to Miro, I couldn't find a way to run the game online as it requires the ability to fill in cards and then exchange them. The Appendix of the game includes a link to link the assets needed to run the game with any VTT that you might be more familiar with. I'll have a look at Google Slides once the updated card decks and play aids are available.

Thanks again for your feedback. I hope you will play many other sessions.