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Android version doesn't work. Every time I try to install it it just says "App not installed" with no explanation. I made sure to give it permission and everything.

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That's odd, I just tried it and it seems to be working fine, you sure you downloaded the apk?, anyway to send a screen shot? :o

You bet. It's definitely the apk, I was super careful to make sure I tapped on that.

I reviewed an article about most common reasons people would get that error,usually ascribed to storage. But unless the game is over 50GB I don't think that's it lol, and like I said I made sure it got the correct permissions. I even reset my app preferences to be sure. bet! :)

hu, sorry not sure. I'm away on a trip so I can't fix it til Friday either, sorry, :(

No worries! Just shoot me a message if you figure it out and I'll be happy to try again.

kk, ty, I'll let ya know, :3


Yea not sure what's causing it, most people don't seem to be having an issue but some versions of android are? Tis weird, @.@ sorry, not much I can do without a version or device with the same specs as the ones failing to work, :(

it's ok lol