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I'm not sure how much was supposed to be in the demo.  All I got was on puzzle, the word cubism. I put the pieces together and it was flashing Press Menu to Start. There was no Exit button. So if that was all there was supposed to be:

The beginning was good where it walked me through the controls. Personally I would make the environment just a tad darker. I liked the handling of the pieces. I loved that you could let them go and they would continue moving a bit.

I think it is a good start on a non-shooting game and we need more of them.

Thanks for the demo.

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Hey Martinmartyzzz!
If you press the menu button on the controller, the menu will appear. I'll make sure to make that clearer in a future update! From the menu you can unlock 12 puzzles.
A few other people have asked for a "dark mode", so I'm definitely looking into integrating that option in the future.
Thanks for playing!