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played your game, it's an interesting idea, but it still needs love, patience and detailing, lots of it, thats very special in these kinds of games, also the character design needs to be a bit better, not have every girl look basically the same, and the tickle mini game needs improvements too, but i see a nice future on it with enough dedication.

Thanks for the review,  please note that this is a early access Demo for a patron funded project, which is solo built part time with only less then 10 months in development,  

I can totally agree with the assets/Girls as I'am a programmer with zero 3d modeling skills, although as this is a popular comment I will attempt to alter the FBX' s,  also once funded this project will take on a animator/Modeler to manager the aesthetics.

The tickle interactions will be the next improvement including a lager audio (laughter library) more reactions, and improved Tickle zones & IK placement.

I have huge support with the Patreon project in both a Funding and a Personal level, with a huge amount of Personal PM requests.

This will surly be a ongoing project, would love you to follow it, 

Thanks again for the Review and i Love the Clip :)

i have improved the tickling interactions, there is a clip on youtube game update out soon :)