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YOU HAVE GOT SOME STUFF GOING ON! I really like the idea of an open world horror game, but I'm not sure how or if it's supposed to all connect in the full game, I LOVE the dark and twisted topics, and I think you did it just right, not too much, but just enough, we have to put the pieces together and leaving just enough to the imagination makes everyone's experience more personalized to them. Your atmosphere is so good, there's times where you think you're safe, BUT GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE NOT, and that will get me better than any jump scare, and it definitely did. I'm so glad you didn't just throw a ton of "zombies" at us to kill and use that as the scares it shows that you care more about the game than the scare. I think your game looks beautiful and I think it was very well done, I plan on seeing what else the town of Hanwell has in store, but I think you have a really solid demo and I hope there is more of the story of this school in the full game!