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[nameless devlog] - wrap-up

i think i got about as far as i can bear to get tonight (it's been a long week with a lot of snow and i'm very tired). 

i'm not done with the game but i very much want to finish it. it's not in a submittable format as of yet, as it's just movement + camera work (which i finally got nailed down!) and a model floating in the void of my skybox, and it's a narrative-based game with no implemented narrative. so, for this game jam, i'm setting up my modest finish line and skipping over it.

i had really high expectations for my first game jam, and though i didn't get as far as i wanted to, i still learned a LOT about using unity, which was one of my main goals, and didn't just give up when things got... hard to work on. i continued to work even when progress wasn't by leaps and bounds, and i think i also learned a lot about managing my time in relation to creating a game (ie, rome wasn't built in a day). 

i will continue to work on the game and update with devlogs over on my art blog here:

thank you to everyone who commented, and to the hosts of this game jam for all the love and attention they put into this jam! i can't wait to go look at and play every one else's submissions - and congrats to those of you who finished! to those of you who, like me, didn't: that's okay, too! there's always the next game jam, and you can continue to learn and grow even when you're not participating in a group challenge. the important thing is to challenge yourself, and be proud of what you make even if it's not quite what you envisioned!