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These are great points and ill take ur advice on the yellow cross, 

Please note this is the first early edition of this game so the missions are an example of whats to come, in the full game the sessions will end resulting in clips to list on your store also the infantry systems will allow you to pick up throw drop, i only implemented the pick up to allow for the two demo missions, as far a mercy gos the full hame will have a dynamic system that will also allow her to end a session early if you hit red too much, thanks for playing and i truly appreciate the review thanks ;) 

Ooh, okay! 

In that case you can ignore the second and third suggestion (actually, you CAN ignore them all since it's your game and I'm only giving suggestions xD) . I wasn't sure what plans you had for the game in the future. I was just going off what I currently saw.

I like how that sounds! 

Will there be a reputation system in play eventually? Like, I way to tell how you are doing with a girl, whether she likes or doesn't like you?