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[nameless devlog] - day TEN (part 1)

subtitle: day of shame

well, alright, let me be perfectly honest: i worked on another project (a charity gallery submission) during the second half of last week and then immediately lost all steam for this one, and then got guilty-discouraged (you know how you do when you avoid something, especially when it was something you were super excited about). 

but today is the first day of my new semester at school, and getting back into the swing of things in my irl life has also made me very much want to finish this game.

i did do writing here and there under the guise of 'progress' over the weekend, but hogh. i'm kind of disappointed in how well and truly i avoided updating the devlog.

but! the day is young, i have a few hours between classes, and i need to get back to 3d modeling. will update later today with my progress. ideally, i'll get my 3d modeling done today so i can move back to the still monumental task of getting all of this text in the game.

i hope i'll still be capable of getting the game done in some fashion, but i've definitely wasted a lot of my time and will have to adjust my expectations accordingly. here's hoping!