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waiting for updates :D

personal suggestion-make an seed based system so it can be infinite

something the game really needs-customizable keys and dont equip new weapons automaticaly,its so annoying OMG!i have plenty of bullets for the MP5 and here i am,using a butching knife -_-

one more thing,i cant see the journal,Tab doest work even if i put keyboard in english :(

(sorry for my bad english).

Thanks! In final version automatic weapon equipment will be totally optional, no problem with that. There's no journal in alpha, so don't you worry about tab not working. But I'm not sure what do you mean by customizable keys. If you are talking about different playable characters, then you are right, we will defenitely add them in final version. Cheers!

by customizable keys i mean that you can change wich key do any action,for example instead of tab to use G key or whatever key you want.sorry for my bad english.

Waiting for updates :D

Oh, sure! Input will be totally customizable, no problem.