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Found a gem :) I really get the feeling that this game is improving, if not well-designed at the beginning. I love how episode 4 and 5 lets the player decide how MC's personality changes, compared to episode 1-3, the MC feels less stiff (no offense) and more real, more mature, and they actually becomes better from the experience. 

The LIs are already well-written, and I especially like how episode 4 and 5 reveal the truth and backstory about the disputed content and certain characters, such as Damon and Vexx. (and man do I love their lines XD

And the save names. They actually made me consider saving on every change just to see all of them (stop brain you're not doing that!) like when you choose to kiss your LI or not after being pulled out from the hole, the save names are different. Vexx's had me laughing, and I somehow sang Calderon's "I knew you were trouble when you walked innnn" out loud XD

After that...the cliffhanger UGRH(mentally crying) so I'm more eager to see episode 6 than should be qvq. Really, but take your time finishing it :)