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This is a work in progress and, i'm sure it will keep getting better in time! I did a play through and, thought the art style was just fine.  Had to re-record and see the art style change. Wasn't sure why but, still good. I noticed there are more color choices this time around instead of just yellow and, blue. Alas though you can only choose yellow not sure if this is intentional or not. I am also unsure of as to why the color is important as, I don't see any impact it has on the game. Also curious about the name change. I saw in my game flies on the first game it was titled slaughtered hearts. Very curious indeed. As previously mentioned the long pauses in between  are harsh. Atleast to a let's player! hahaha Also like i stated before the background music while excellent is super loud. There is no in game option to turn it down. Sorry if i'm nit picking I really did find it to be a good VN.

Thank you for the feedback! And for right now, Yellow is the only color Route that is completed, and the other colors will be created and added soon. In the future I do want to add Options to turn certain objects on or off.  Thank you again for the feedback and stay tuned for more  of the game, since a lot will be added in time!! :)

One last thing, I believe the reason it's called Slaughter Hearts in the file  is because way before in development, that was the Original title and I forgot to change it to Colored Feelings. XD Oops..

I think the second time I played the game files said colored feelings. Thought it was interesting though. I thought maybe Slaughter Hearts was the original naming. I can see why with the *SPOILER ALERT*  way that it goes at the end.  So the name change was probably needed not to give away the premise of the game. :P